Tile and Grout

The Answer to Your Grimy Tiles & Grout
in Sonoma County, CA

Terence at Super Sealers revitalizes tile/grout, hard surfaces such as Vinyl Composition Flooring, Concrete, and porous tile such as terrazzo, Saltillo, and Quarry tile. I also clean Hardwood floor surfaces with commercial grade floor machines,tile sealer, and industry specific cleaners and revitalizers. I have been trained by the manufactures of the cleaners I use on how to most effectively do the sealing grout & transformation of your project, large or small.

All Types of Surfaces

To respond to the growing need for cleaning, maintaining, and repairing stone, ceramic, and porcelain surfaces, Terence decided to establish this company. His services aren't limited to the surfaces mentioned. He also cleans Saltillo, terrazzo, quarry tile, masonry, and concrete. Additional services which augment and enhance the overall appearance of the finished job, such as grout/chalk replacement and repair, are also available.

Cleaning Equipment & Agents

By operating job specific cleaning equipment and tools, i.e., tile/ hard surface steam extraction tools, four types of floor extraction tools, both weighted and non-weighted, I have transformed many surfaces. Hot Steam extraction, with specific temperature in combination have been found to be the most effective. These skills can be introduced in training classes, but only 10 years of on the job experience can bring about the best of results consistently.

Continuous Learning

I have been honing my skills in safety, preparation, knowledge, and identification since the founding of the Companies in 2004. I am consistently seeking ways to improve both my knowledge and ways to more efficiently offer the best value and service.