Carpet and Upholstery

No Room for Dirt to Thrive in Your Carpets & Upholstery
in Sonoma County, CA

Seahorse Carpet Care Super Sealers offers meticulous but gentle carpet, area rug cleaning, and upholstery cleaning. I also provide water damage restoration services for properties that have been flooded. As I have been certified through the IICRC, I am knowledgeable in all areas of upholstery, carpet cleaning, and protection application. I first identify fiber types, whether natural fiber (wool, wool blend, silk, cotton) then decide the least evasive but most thorough way to clean—then, the most efficient way to get it as dry as possible. The base of my efficiency on drying comes from my knowledge in Psychrometrics, learned in Flood Restoration classes.

Handling Carpets Like Works of Art

Whether cleaning Tribal, Oriental, Handmade or polypropylene/synthetic area rugs, my Certification and vast experience all come to the fore in the care of your specific fabric/fiber type. I also enjoy collecting fine hand-made rugs such as, Killim, Gabbeh, and specifically “War” rugs, from the Middle East.

So much of what needs to be done to clean depends on proper preparation. I slide, not lift or move, heavier furniture such as couches, armchairs, and love seats, then vacuum, then clean. If needed, I put tabs underneath the footing of the furniture (see slide) to protect from moisture. Often time this step is not needed given my attention to dry times. I relieve you of the preparation, pre-vacuuming, and moving of most items. Leave the work to me!

Flood Restoration

Most companies offering flood, water, or restoration services are equipped to respond to large-scale damages. They attend to multiple rooms or several floors. With Seahorse Carpet Care Super Sealers, expect to receive quality services tailored for small spaces, such as single rooms or small homes. In line with this, costs are much more conservative.

The Seahorse Carpet Care Difference

You’ll notice the difference from on-time arrival to safety precautions. Having Carpets/ Hard surfaces cleaned correctly involves specific equipment and making the client aware of potential trip hazards. I place safety cones everywhere around the entryways, front and back of my van and equipment. I have not, in 10 years, seen any other person in my industry as concerned about your safety and awareness. I say “It is most crucial to prepare before cleaning. The cleaning is the fun part”.